Saturday, 14 February 2015

Week 4 (Saturday Morning)

Well, I drove by the block this morning and to my surprise, they put up some of the frame for the ground floor.  

Front of House / Front Door
The gap on the right is where the garage will be.  The concrete at the front is the porch, there will be two large brick pillars there, and of course our little man!

Dining Room
Dining room window in the middle and sliding door to the alfresco on the right.

Sliding Door
Looking into the dining room from the alfresco.

Dining Room Window

Dining / Family room
Looking from the kitchen towards the alfresco.  Those big holes will be sliding doors!

Kitchen window
This window will be instead of a 'splash back' behind the freestanding stove/oven.  There will be pot drawers on either side of the oven and cabinets overhead.

Front Lounge Window
Looking to front yard.

1 comment:

  1. This is excellent progress!
    Next thing you know the entire skeleton of the house will be completed.
    Things are moving fast now.

    This is fantastic.