Saturday, 6 June 2015

Week 19 & 20 - Whilst the cats are away.....

Over the last couple weeks the builders have been working away on the inside and outside making the house look more like the final product.  

The final 1st floor render / eves have been completed and painted and the front balcony construction is well underway.  The glass on all but two of the windows is now in place and the scaffolding came down this last week.  (only 3 weeks after schedule!)

Looking forward, the down pipes should be going up next week then the ground floor render / garage roof to be started soon.  

Lockup is getting closer every day with only a few minor items needing to be corrected before the official sign off.  Hopefully they can rectify all the items soon and the plaster can start in the next couple weeks.  

Internally, they have installed all the ducting, electrical, plumbing and insulation.  

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