Sunday, 12 July 2015

Week 25

This week, we met with our new SS on the site and went through the internal corrections that had been identified over the last few months.  

We are really happy with his pro-active approach and his understanding of our job within 2 weeks of taking over our site.  After the meeting, we were happy with all the fixes and our SS said plaster was ready to start on Monday.  

To our surprise, a crew of eight plasterers started on Sunday and amazingly had the whole house plastered within a day!  Whilst this is only the first day of plaster, it should only take another day or two to get the house ready for cornices and skirting.  

Here are some of the preliminary works pictures. 

Also, comically, one of our neighbours complained about our site debris to the council and our site has now been cleaned!  

The excitement in now mounting!

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