Sunday, 9 August 2015

Week 29 - Kitchen, Bathrooms, Doors and Stairs

What a week of exciting highs and lows.  Whilst it was so exciting to get stairs installed in the house, our old supervisor ordered the wrong stairs.... We've e-mailed our SS, but he is away on holidays this week, I'm sure he'll call first thing on Monday!  What a mistake!

The fixing carpenters were also onsite this week, installing all the skirting and internal doors. The cabinet makers installed all the bathrooms, laundry and kitchen cabinetry. On top of this the plumbers were in for the waterproofing.  A very busy week, hopefully the progress continues.  

Front Door:

 Internal Doors (Play Room): 

Upstairs Bedrooms and WIL:

Master Bathroom: 

Minor Ensuite:

Main Bathroom:



(see below for correct stairs diagram..... incorrect handrail and timber posts, no risers, no diminishing wall on the landing, balustrade is not wrought iron, and the bottom stringer should be hidden..)


  1. Hi, enjoy following your build... if you don't mind can you please tell me what flooring did you go for? Thanks

  2. Hi, we ended up with carbonised bamboo. It feels really nice to walk on, looks amazing and should be really hard wearing.