Sunday, 3 November 2013

Finding the Right House

Whilst we were looking for land and negotiating on land we were also looking at display houses.

We wanted to get an idea of what was possible within our budget and I also liked the idea of walking through a house rather than just looking at plans on paper and imagining the design in my head.

One of the things that concerned me was that our children were too young to have stairs in the house, but we also wanted a house the we could grow into.  We also had to remind ourselves that the children would be at least a year older by the time we would move into the house, so their capabilities would change.

We made a list of what we wanted in a home:

  • 4 bedrooms
  • At least two bathrooms, maybe three
  • Separate toy room, with a door to close away the mess
  • Study/office
  • Good size master bedroom
  • Open plan living/kitchen/dining area
  • Large kitchen
  • Lots of storage
We ended up with two designs that we liked.  The first was with Porter Davis.  The Marbella 42, with the master bedroom on the first floor.

Here are the plans:

With this house we liked layout and spacious feel of the house but were unsure of the living area.  We weren't sure about the dinning table being located the the middle of the room and not off the side.  The master bedroom also wasn't as big as we would like.

The second house we liked was with Boutique Homes.  The Montpellier 43.

Here are the plans:

The first thing that stood out with this house is the massive master bedroom, the whole front is windows and we would get amazing bay views.  The stairs were also great because they weren't one long staircase by the front door, there was a landing halfway up that was a full landing without there being actual turns in the staircase.  The kitchen was a generous size and worked well with the living and dinning area.  The only thing that we were't sure on was having so many bathrooms.

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