Sunday, 17 November 2013

Planning, Planning, Planning

Now that the PWC was checked off our list of things to do, we need to start getting organised for our holiday.

We have a 6 week trip to the USA planned.  The main reason for the trip is to visit D's family but also hopefully to get a little bit of relaxation and rest in... We'll see!

So onto the list writing, with two adults and to children to pack for there was definitely a long list- we are also trying to fit everything into just a couple of bags so that we can come back with plenty of shopping.

Not to mention making sure that we had car seats, car rental, travel insurance, transport to and from airports etc.  We are having three different stops- so we needed literally everything.  Bathers for Hawaii and winter coats and boots for snow in Chicago

In the meantime everything was going along smoothly with our land settlement.

We had also advised Boutique that we were heading away and that we would be looking at scheduling our colours and electrical appointment for February.

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