Thursday, 5 March 2015

Curtains & Blinds

As I mentioned in the previous post we will be getting quotes for curtains and blinds next week.  So, I decided to post some pictures of what we think we would like.

Open Plan Living/Dinning area
We like the idea of having the block out plus the privacy blind.  The privacy screen will also help with sun glare, and help keep the area cool but still light.  We would like to get them with some sort of basic pelmet, and will also look into get them motorised.

Master Bedroom and Minor Bedrooms
We plan on getting white block out blinds with sheer curtains over the top in each of the bedrooms.  The master bedroom will have white sheer curtains, and possibly a pelmet (as per the first picture) and motorisation.  We like the idea of being able to open the blinds with a remote from bed!
The girls will have pink or lavender sheers and the little guy will have navy blue or grey sheers over the white block out blind.  No pelmet or motorisation for the kids though!

We will also go with the same block out/sheer combination for the library.  We are undecided on what the toy room and upstairs rumpus room will have.  

The bathrooms have frosted glass so we are going to see how it goes without a blind.  The master ensuite will need a blind as the window is quite big with clear glass.  We will need to see our options before making a decision on that one though.

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