Thursday, 5 March 2015

Week 7 - Thursday

This morning I went past the 'house', no longer 'the block'!

I was very excited to see that the second level is well and truly underway.  Its amazing what they can do in such a short time frame.  These photos were taken at about 11am this morning and the last photos I took where at about 7pm last night.

The large front window (upper level) is the master bedroom.  There will be large sliding doors leading to a balcony (yet to be built).  The the lower window is the formal lounge room or 'library' as we are planning on calling it.

The garage is yet to be built.  It will probably balance the house out when it's done.  We added an extra two metres to the standard two car garage- so its not quite a three car garage.  The idea is that we want to add shelving to each side of the garage and still have plenty of space for two SUVs without the car doors bumping into things when they open.  The double garage door will be placed in the centre of the garage so that everything looks symmetrical.  There will also be a single roller door at the back of the garage so that we can drive a car, or whatever needs to be driven through to the backyard.

Next week we will be taking the plans to some curtains/blinds companies to get some quotes.  We want to at least have the bedrooms fitted out with blinds before we move in.

We'll try and go past again tonight or tomorrow to get some close up pictures.

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