Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Week 8 - A house with a view

Today has been a busy day with the framing crew hard at work.  They have now put up the roof trusses, balcony and garage.  The most exciting part was that we were finally able to see the view from upstairs.  Amazing!!!!!  Here are some pics:


We have an extra 2 metres on the garage for extra storage.




Back Minor Bedroom:

Front Minor Bedroom:

View from the Master Balcony:
There will be a sliding door leading to the balcony.

Master Bedroom View:
This is the side window in the master bedroom.

View from the Master Ensuite:
This window will be above the bath.

The timber windows were also delivered today, hopefully they will be installed before the weekend.  We chose to only have timber window frames to the front of the house.  The rest of the house will have aluminium frames.  We decided that whilst it might look nice to have timber windows throughout the entire house, the maintenance would be too much.

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  1. Fantastic views!!! The house is taking shape and looking great!