Saturday, 18 April 2015

Furniture and Decor

As we started the build process quite a while ago we have had plenty of time to think about what kind of furniture and decor we would like to purchase for our house and have slowly started making small purchases.

Our first purchase was made about one year ago when we were on holidays in Port Douglas.

This Aboriginal piece is call 'Eel Trap'.  You can see the eels and the net depicted in art.  We had been looking at buying some aboriginal art for quite some time but hadn't seen anything that really jumped out at us.  When we saw this we loved it straight away, the colours are so unique, there isn't a lot of aboriginal art around with green as the main colour.  

We really like the combination of tradition 'dot art' with the stripes, it gives the piece a modern feel.

This piece will be in our downstairs open plan lounge room.  We are hoping it will look great on our light grey walls.  

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