Sunday, 19 April 2015


Today we went to Beacon Lighting and picked out the lighting that we will have installed after handover.  Most of the house will have LED downlights but there are a few areas that we decided to source our own lights so we could personalise the house a little bit more.

We had list of lights to buy and as Beacon is currently having a 25% off sale we decided to make the most of it.

Here is what we bought....

Three Pendant Lights for over the Kitchen Island:

Light for Main Bathroom:
These lights can be adjusted to point in different directions, they also have dimming capabilities.

Two Lights for Small Ensuite's:
A three light version of above.

Three Ceiling Fans with Lights for Children's Bedrooms:

 Light for Master Walk in Robe:

Two Wall Lights for Front of Garage:

Small Double Floodlight for side of House (Laundry Door):

Two Large Double Floodlights for Backyard Side of House:
These are aluminium and have a sensor.

Two Single Floodlights for the Back of the House:

The only light left to pick is a fan/light for our alfresco.  Unfortunately there wasn't a large selection, so we have decided that we need to do some more research and try to find a fan that really looks great and is suitable for outdoor use.

Overall we are very happy with our choices, the staff and Beacon Lighting were extremely helpful and very knowledgeable about all of the products.  They made great suggestions and generally made the process so easy, we were really impressed.

We can't wait to see everything come together, the excitement is definitely mounting!

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